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    Auto Glass

    Most auto owners don’t give much thought to just how much glass makes up their vehicle until a window gets broken, shattered, or chipped. Auto glass is an essential part of every car, truck, or SUV, and it’s a relief to know you can rely on a company like Lucky Auto Glass in the Detroit Metro area to offer same-day auto glass service when you’re in trouble.

    Back Window Replacement

    Over time the exposure to environmental stressors like road vibrations, changing temperatures, and strong winds can put any miniscule chips or cracks under great stress and trigger spontaneous breakage of the back window in the car. The rear windshield is made of tempered glass and, as a result, requires replacement if there is significant damage.

    Needing a New Back Window Replaced?- Lucky Auto Glass
    Lucky Auto Glass - Need A New Glass Car Door?

    Car Door Window Glass

    Car door windows are a unique size and shape and made from tempered glass which usually demands glass replacement to repair any problems. Car door windows roll up and down, which is different than the adhesive that holds the front and back windshields in place, a factor that must be considered when deciding between repair or replacement.

    Semi-Truck Glass

    When you spend a lot of time on the road, you know that damage to your glass is a common occurrence. From semi-trucks to heavy machinery, construction equipment to service vans, Lucky Auto Glass is ready to fix the glass in all large vehicles. Same-day service is especially convenient for anyone who is on the job and needs an immediate replacement.

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    Need a New Side View Mirror - Lucky Auto Glass Can Help

    Side View Mirror Replacement

    If only the glass of the side view mirror is broken and not the entire assembly as a whole, it is a quick repair to use a precut glass to replace the damaged piece. While this repair may seem easy to take care of on your own, it’s smart to rely on an expert who has the tools and knowledge to get the job done quickly without causing additional damage.

    Truck Slider Glass

    Truck sliders act as the rear windshield in a pickup truck. Should this part of your truck become damages, call on a professional to replace the slider glass and the mechanism that allows for the opening of the windshield. This repair is difficult and an experienced car glass repair company tends to the panels as needed for a solid fix.

    Lucky Auto Glass - Need a Truck Slider Glass Replaced
    Windshield Replacement - Lucky Auto Glass

    Windshield Replacement

    No matter the size of windshield damage, no matter the type of crack or chip, quick windshield replacement is a must to make sure the problem doesn’t get even worse. Usually made of laminated glass which consists of two layers of glass with a thin plastic film between them, the front windshield is the most important glass in your vehicle.

    Reasons for Auto Glass Repair or Replacement

    Automobile glass damage is something motorists can’t control. A rock flies at your windshield, your mirror is sideswiped in a parking lot, a moving lawnmower emits debris that connects with the passenger window – sometimes it’s just bad luck, and you need to get an auto glass repair or replacement right away. Here are just some of the causes of auto glass problems:

    • Pits and cracks
    • Scratches
    • Bad weather
    • Auto accidents
    • High speed impact

    Whether you end up with a loose windshield or splintered back window, even the smallest compromise to the glass can turn into a shattered piece of glass later. Don’t wait to get broken, cracked, chipped, or otherwise problematic glass fixed – replacement is easy and we come to you.

    Reasons To Get Auto Glass Repair or Replacement - Lucky Auto Glass
    Same Day Repairs - Lucky Auto Glass

    Get Same-Day Repairs from Lucky Auto Glass

    Lucky Auto Glass delivers convenient, fast service for an inconvenient problem. Whether you need to repair or replace the glass on your windshield, door, side view mirror, or otherwise, we come to wherever you are in the Detroit Metro area for same-day replacement. We serve Macomb County, Oakland County, Wayne County, and neighboring communities. Contact us today for repairs from our mobile service.