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Back Window Replacement - Lucky Auto Glass

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    Back Window Replacement - Lucky Auto Glass

    Back Window Replacement

    A broken back car window leaves your vehicle open to theft, vandalism, and weather. There is no need to try to cover the damage when you can get a back window replacement with same-day rear windshield replacement services from Lucky Auto Glass in the Detroit Metro area. Our efficient professionals come to you and perform a fast fix, so you don’t have to worry.

    The Process for Back Window Replacement

    A repair is usually not recommended for a broken back window because of the unique composition of this part of every vehicle. The safest and most effective solution for a crack, chip, or total break is a rear windshield replacement. The back window replacement you receive will be just the right glass for the make and model of your vehicle.

    Here is what you can expect when the technicians arrive:

    • Inspection of the damage
    • Removal of the damaged glass
    • Interior vacuuming of glass and debris
    • Placement of back window replacement
    • Check of defrost mechanism and functionality of windshield wiper
    The Process for Back Window Replacement - Lucky Auto Glass
    Get a Rear Windshield Replacement Right Away - Lucky Auto Glass

    Get a Rear Windshield Replacement Right Away

    The back windshield of every vehicle is susceptible to damage caused by flying rocks, gravel, or other objects on the road, just like every other piece of glass on your windows and front windshield. It’s in your best interest to regularly inspect the back window for any minor chips or cracks and have it replaced as quickly as possible.

    There is no need to wait to get a rear windshield replacement when you have access to a same-day glass back window replacement service. A compromised rear window is an accident waiting to happen. Damage can spread in an instant, you leave yourself open to other problems, and the glass can shatter if it is already compromised and hit again by another airborne object.

    The Composition of Rear Windshield Glass

    Rear windshields are made of a different type of glass than the front and side windows on a car and have their own components for protecting and maintaining the back of your vehicle.

    • Front windshields are made with laminated glass constructed of multiple layers of glass to protect it from shattering if something hits the windshield.
    • The back window is made of tempered glass, which is designed to shatter into tiny pebble-sized pieces when broken to prevent injuries from shards of broken glass.
    • Rear windshields connect to a defrost grid to melt ice and snow, an element that can make installation take slightly longer than other window replacements and affects price.
    The Composition of Rear Windshield Glass - Lucky Auto Glass
    Get Same-Day Back Window Replacement in Detroit - Lucky Auto Glass

    Get Same-Day Back Window Replacement in Detroit

    Your vehicle is only as safe as the condition of your rear windshield and all other windows. The back window should always be entirely intact to protect passengers. While a broken rear window may seem like a mess with tiny pieces of glass everywhere, this is a mess that is easily cleaned up – and the window itself is easily replaced.

    If your rear windshield has been compromised in any way on your car, truck, van, or other type of vehicle, contact Lucky Auto Glass to explain your problem and get same-day, mobile repair services. Your vehicle will be secure and safe in no time so you can get back on the road and know that you and anyone in your car are protected.

    At Lucky Auto Glass, we use high-quality back window replacement glass for durable restorations. Our technicians come to you for immediate service.