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    Truck Slider Glass Replacement - Lucky Auto Glass For Your Glass Repair

    Truck Slider Glass Replacement

    If the rear windshield in your pickup truck is damaged, call on Lucky Auto Glass in the Detroit Metro area to deliver convenient, same-day truck slider glass replacement right where you are. This complex repair includes fixing the mechanism that opens the windshield and addressing the panel to deliver a secure replacement so you can get back on the road safely and quickly.

    Reasons for Professional Truck Slider Glass Replacement

    Addressing a truck slider glass replacement is a job for an experienced pro. The repair is difficult and intricate and, to avoid more problems later, it’s important to entrust the job to someone who is prepared to manage all facets of the replacement. A slider window break is not uncommon and there are many reasons rear sliding window replacement is necessary:

    • Positioning: That rear slider glass is necessary for many truck owners and operators who use their vehicle for work or hauling materials. The vertical positioning of the window makes it vulnerable to breaking caused by equipment, materials, tools, or bumpy road conditions.
    • Age: As pickup trucks age, all their parts and pieces age too. Don’t be surprised if a slider goes off track or gets stuck, if the gaskets around the slider deteriorate, or air and water leaks develop.
    • Electronic failure: Trucks that have electronic sliders may have an advantage to the vehicles that require hand opening and closing, but it’s possible for the motor or switch to fail and leave the slider stuck in either the open or closed position.
    Reasons for Professional Truck Slider Glass Replacement - Lucky Auto Glass Is Who You Need
    Types of Rear Sliding Windows for Trucks - Lucky Auto Glass

    Types of Rear Sliding Windows for Trucks

    Three to four pieces of vertical glass fit into the frame to form a truck slider, which gets its name because the middle section of glass slides open. These pieces of glass are unique to auto glass because they are not the same sloping windshield made of a single piece of glass that is used in a car or SUV. There are several types of rear window truck sliders, including:

    • Traditional slider: Includes metal or plastic latches to unlock the slider from the inside and push it open by hand.
    • Three-panel slider: Has a single center piece of glass that slides open.
    • Four-panel slider: Includes two sliding glass pieces that meet in the center for a larger opening.
    • Electronically operated: Newer trucks have rear windows that operate via a switch and do not need to be unlatched, a convenient option for extended cabs which make the rear window more difficult to reach.
    • Flush: A sliding rear window that offers a unique look to the back glass.
    • Rolling slider: The window rolls into the truck body, delivering an open-air feel.

    Get Truck Slider Glass Replacement in the Detroit Area

    When you’re hauling materials or on the job or simply out enjoying your vehicle, you don’t have time for a glass break. If you find yourself in need of a truck slider glass replacement right away, rely on the experts at Lucky Auto Glass, serving the Detroit Area with same-day, on-site service so you can get back on the road and back to work.

    No matter how handy you are, talk to the experienced glass replacement professionals first to discuss the make and model of your truck and the nature of your glass break and slider glass replacement needs. Accurate diagnosis is necessary so the right replacement cost estimate and materials can be delivered, saving time and resources. If you have time on your hands and have been considering a rear slider upgrade, now might be just the time to discuss the options available for your truck. Contact us today for same-day service.

    Get Truck Slider Glass Replacement in the Detroit Area - At Lucky Auto Glass