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    Side View Mirror Replacement - Lucky Auto Glass

    Side View Mirror Replacement

    Drivers often don’t realize how much they rely on both side mirrors until one of them is compromised. When you find yourself with a cracked, broken, or shattered side mirror on the driver’s side or passenger side, you need same-day side view mirror replacement from Lucky Auto Glass in the Detroit Metro area.

    Difficulties of Driving with a Damaged Side View Mirror

    Operating a vehicle without a driver’s side mirror could cause problems for you with highway patrol officers or inspections, not to mention the serious danger this absence creates for you and other motorists. Without a working side mirror, you will have:

    • Difficulty determining if a car is approaching.
    • Trouble knowing how far away a car or object is.
    • A struggle as to whether it’s safe to change lanes.
    • Blindness to certain areas of the road.

    Whatever the make and model of your car, truck, SUV, or other type of vehicle, you can get high-quality, same-day side view mirror replacement and get back on the road without worrying about safety or visibility.

    Difficulties of Driving With a Damaged Side View Mirror - Lucky Auto Glass Can Help
    Benefits of Same Day Side View Mirror Replacement - Lucky Auto Glass

    Benefits of Same Day Side View Mirror Replacement

    Having intact side view mirrors is an essential part of defensive driving. If just the side view mirror is broken or if the entire assembly plus the side view mirror are broken, same-day replacement is possible.

    • Precut glass replaces the damaged area.
    • Both manual and automatic mirrors can be replaced.
    • Get replacements for blind-spot indicators.

    Always rely on glass replacement experts who know how to quickly and effectively take care of the damage done to the glass on your vehicle. At Lucky Auto Glass, we have the experience and tools to get the job done quickly and prevent further damage.

    Signs It’s Time to Get a Side View Mirror Replacement

    Sometimes it isn’t an emergency that finds you needing a new side view mirror. There are problems that can develop over time because of damage that wasn’t addressed or simply from wear and tear. If any of the following are happening with your vehicle, pursue a side view mirror replacement as soon as possible:

    • Visibility is foggy, blurry, scratched, or poor in any way.
    • The mechanics of the side view mirror are faulty or stuck.
    • Condensation builds up regularly on the mirror.

    While replacing a side view mirror is a task that many motorists believe they can do themselves, this task is detailed and time-intensive for the inexperienced. It’s often necessary to remove the door trim panel, remove fasteners without breaking them, disconnect electrical cables, and then put everything back together and hope that it works the right way. It’s safer and easier to entrust an expert with this replacement.

    Signs It's Time to Get a Side View Mirror Replaced - Lucky  Auto Glass
    Precautions to Protect Side View MIrrors - Lucky Auto Glass

    Precautions to Protect Side View Mirrors

    Some things you simply can’t control when it comes to damaged glass on your vehicle – flying rocks, bad weather, auto accidents, parking lot collisions. But there are some things you can do to protect your side mirrors, like:

    • Do not park too close to other vehicles.
    • Avoid parking on the street.
    • If you have a fold-in mirror feature, use it.
    • Be extra cautious pulling into a garage or tight spaces.
    • Don’t overuse power controls to adjust the mirrors.
    • Be careful when backing out.

    Contact Lucky Auto Glass for Same-Day Side View Mirror Replacement

    At Lucky Auto Glass, we are dedicated to delivering fast, convenient service so the inconvenience of a damaged or compromised side view mirror doesn’t keep you off the road. We come to wherever you are in the Detroit Metro area and deliver quality same-day replacement services, whether Macomb County, Wayne County, Oakland County, or neighboring areas. Contact us right now to get help from our mobile service.

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