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Stone Chip Windshield Repair

Stone Chip Windshield Repair - Lucky Auto Glass

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    Stone Chip Windshield Repair - Lucky Auto Glass

    Stone Chip Windshield Repair

    There are plenty of products available for a DIY windshield repair, but the safe choice is to have your windshield inspected by an auto glass expert. They identify the severity of the stone chip and recommend repair or replacement. Get same-day, mobile service for a stone chip windshield repair from Lucky Auto Glass, serving southeast Michigan.

    Whether to Repair a Windshield with a Stone Chip

    A vehicle’s windshield is the first line of defense against debris, gravel, and rocks. The windshield is fortified to hang tough against impact, but sometimes the speed or direction of a stone hits just so and chips the windshield. If your vision isn’t negatively affected, you might think you can wait to get a repair – don’t be tempted.

    Here’s what you need to know about repairing or replacing the glass:

    • Speed is of the essence. Get prompt professional care to ensure a spider crack doesn’t develop across the entire windshield.
    • You don’t have to wait long for help. Rely on a mobile auto glass expert to come where you are and deliver fast service.
    • The repair is affordable. Chips around an inch or two in diameter are often a good candidate for stone chip windshield repair which will be fast and is usually low in cost.
    • Recognize potential future problems. Multiple chips and cracks, especially large ones, can affect the windshield’s structural integrity and may require a full windshield replacement. Don’t hesitate to get a replacement and protect the safety of your vehicle.

    The faster you can get a stone chip windshield repair, the better off your windshield is likely to be in the long run, without any additional problems. And you’ll be protected by a secure windshield every time you drive.

    Whether to Repair or Replace a Stone Chip - Lucky Auto Glass
    Whether to Repair or Replace a Stone Chip - Lucky Auto Glass

    Don’t Wait to Fix a Chip in Your Windshield

    Even if a windshield crack doesn’t look bad, the last thing you want to do is think you’ve solved the problem yourself with a DIY epoxy repair kit, only to unexpectedly develop a large windshield break while you’re on the road. Worse, you could suffer a hit from another stone and develop even greater windshield damage. Dangers like this put you, your passengers, and fellow travelers all at risk.

    What starts out as a small stone chip can easily develop into a major auto glass problem. The goal is to stop a windshield crack from spreading, and compromising your vision. The longer you wait to have the car assessed for a replacement or repair, the more problems develop:

    • Exposure to the elements
    • Impacted with dirt, making repair more difficult
    • Water penetration, causing a foggy windshield

    Many motorists try to save money by ignoring a seemingly small problem, but waiting to correct windshield damage only makes your time on the road much less safe.

    Should You Fix Your Own Windshield?

    There are always ways to correct your own chipped windshield. The question to ask yourself is not whether you “can” repair it, but whether you “should.”

    The tools of auto glass repair experts are specialized and of the highest quality – they’re not the usual materials found in a home tool kit. Thanks to this expertise, a stone chip windshield repair is filled properly, the glass is polished, the finish is smooth. Ultimately, the problem is fixed and safety is restored.

    Whether to Repair or Replace a Stone Chip - Lucky Auto Glass
    Get a Stone Chip Windshield Repair in Southeast Michigan - Lucky Auto Glass

    Get a Stone Chip Windshield Repair in Sotheast Michigan

    Small windshield cracks can quickly become big cracks. To keep your vehicles secure and make every bit of travel as safe as possible, contact Lucky Auto Glass to address any windshield stone chip repair. Our mobile unit will come to you right away, inspect the glass, and make recommendations to get your vehicle repaired and back in action. Contact us today for fast service.